Chicago community gathers to remember 7-year-old girl shot and killed

There were demands for peace Thursday night in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood while remembering a little girl shot and killed last weekend.

The girl's sister was also hurt in the shooting and is back home recovering.

"(I feel) like sad and happy at the same time that she’s in a better place," said Devon Ivy.

Just children themselves, brothers 12-year-old Devon and 11-year-old Bkari were remembering their 7-year-old sister Serenity Broughton.

"She will be missed," Bkari said.

"All she wanted to do was just play. She was sweet a sister," Devon added.

Their other sister Aubrey is only 6-years-old. She was shot too, but survived.


The sisters were sitting in a car on Sunday around 3 p.m. in the 6200 block of West Grand Avenue, preparing to go get dinner with their father, when shots rang out.

Their dad says he is not a part of street life and works as a bus driver with the CTA. He said has no idea who would do this.

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The Belmont Cragin community came together with the girls’ grandparents to pray and ask for justice, and also to lay blame at the feet of elected officials.

"Too many people responsible," said activist Elizabeth Ramirez. "I hold the state’s attorney responsible for letting these murderers out. I blame the judges and I blame the mayor."

The shooter or shooters are still at large.

If you know who pulled the trigger hitting these innocent children, you can submit an anonymous tip to

"Don’t shield them if they live in your house. You better smack the hell out of them. Get them out and get them to the authorities," a speaker said.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports more than 230 minors have been shot across the city so far this year, including at least 30 who were younger than 13.