Chicago company selling face shields amid pandemic

Ready to go beyond facemasks?

A Chicago company wants to see football coaches and fans sporting their face shields.

When the Kansas City Chiefs coach became an internet meme, inside in his foggy face shield, a local father-son team knew that wasn't their “InstaShield.”

“If you look at his shield, it comes all over his face and there's no ventilation,” said Dan Brown Sr.

Brown Senior invented the shield that he says will not fog up, and with his son, Dan Brown Junior, he started producing them at the start of the pandemic.

“Then you just put your baseball cap here, and this is what it turns into. Each shield is only $2.99, and it turns your favorite hat into the most comfortable facial development,” said Dan Brown Jr.

They have sent their anti-fog model to all NFL coaches and since Brown Senior is a product design professor at Northwestern, the football coach there now sports them.

“We gave him some, then he wanted more and more and, you know, it just worked out great,” said Brown Sr.

The Browns have offered to outfit the Chicago Bears coaching staff at Soldier Field and all NFL teams for free. For those not on the sidelines, the anti-fog mask will retail for just under $3.

For each InstaShield sold, the father-son team will donate one to essential workers and seniors.