Chicago docs team up to answer health questions with 'Your Doctor Friends' podcast

With cold and flu season around the corner, and new vaccines for Covid-19 and Monkeypox, you may have a few questions you'd like to ask your doctor.

Unfortunately, It's not always that easy to do.

However, a new podcast from Rush University Medical Center is changing that. 

"We want to be your doctor friends," said Dr. Julia Bruene.

Dr. Bruene and Dr. Jeremy Alland want to answer all of your questions.

Both Bruene and Alland are sports medicine doctors with Midwest Orthopedics at Rush Medical Center. 

When they are not busy treating some of Chicago's top professional athletes, they host a podcast where you can ask questions to "Your Doctor Friends."


"The core of the podcast is bringing on good people to talk about questions people care about," said Dr. Alland. 

Despite specializing in sports medicine, their show covers just about any medical topic.

"We have an episode coming up about contraceptive choices. We have ones about men's health, about pelvic floor dysfunction," said Dr. Bruene. "We have one about Monkeypox."

Alland and Bruene launched their weekly podcast just a few months ago with the goal of helping you cut through some health misinformation that is out there and to empower you when making your own healthcare decisions. 

"People are curious, and they don’t always have easy access, right? It's hard to get access to doctors," said Alland. "I think people end up in web search spirals. I think they are trying to figure out where to go and a lot of that is dictated by search engine optimization, who’s paying the most to be at the top."

"We created it because we saw a need in not only our patients, but our family and friends looking for sort of an approachable way to get answers to some common questions," said Bruene.

You can find "Your Doctor Friends" podcast on most streaming platforms.

If you want to contact "Your Doctor Friends," click here.