Chicago donation drive for Ukrainians extends into 2nd day: 'We're doing what we can'

Tuesday was the second day of a major drive to send supplies to people living in Ukraine. 

Donations are coming in from across the Chicago area and the suburbs. 

Volunteers said the work and the many supplies are the example of good overcoming bad. There's an urgency to meet the needs of people still in Ukraine.

Donors ordered from Amazon wish lists and had boxes delivered to the collection point at Meest Karpaty on the Northwest Side, a shipping service with experience in Eastern Europe. 


Dozens of volunteers packed military supplies, first aid, sleeping bags and other provisions to help Ukrainians being battered by war. They also raised money to pay for the shipping costs. It's one of the many drives to support Ukraine's fight for democracy.

The seriousness of the situation caused some volunteers to get emotional Tuesday.

Pavlo Snishchuk delivered supplies, then stayed to volunteer. He immigrated from Lviv, Ukraine seven years ago and choked up talking about his family. \

"I still have my parents living there, my sister," Snishchuk said. "I’m so worried about them, and I’m proud to be Ukrainian."

Mila Ugryn said she is heartened by the humanity that she’s witnessing, 

"Everyone that is helping us, it feels like I’m doing something. I feel like you’re trying to get the word out so I’m grateful for that. And we’re just focusing on what we can do you know, right now."

Olga Garafolo was born in Kyiv and moved to the United States at age 16. 

She organized a hundred donors and made several deliveries.

"The supply chain across the country and across the world is so disrupted so hopefully we can get them what they need," Garafolo said. "We’re doing what we can. It makes us focus on some of the positive versus just watching in silence the genocide that is happening."

Volunteers said it doesn’t feel like it’s enough but the response of generous donors is impressive. 

Whatever they collect, they will ship to Poland, where volunteers are waiting at the border to get the supplies to people who need it in Ukraine.