Long line of ID-seekers forms at Consulate General of Ecuador in Loop

A big line formed outside the Consulate General of Ecuador in the Loop on Friday morning.

The long line snaked down Lake Street from Wabash to State with hundreds of people from Ecuador waiting in line to get city-issued IDs.

The Consulate General of Ecuador welcomed these citizens to get a chance to get their hands on a Chicago CityKey ID. 

Many of those waiting in line have been in the states and in Chicago for many years. 


A man with the Consulate General of Chicago explained this is a big deal for many and this is only the third time the city has offered this to people from Ecuador.

"[These are] people already living in Chicago and people who need this identification in order to get benefits such as getting medications and prescriptions in a cheaper way," Humberto Jimenez said.

Jimenez said there many be a few recent asylum seekers in line – but there haven’t been many migrants from Ecuador arriving in Chicago recently.