Chicago firefighters demonstrate how frying a turkey this Thanksgiving could go terribly wrong

The Chicago Fire Department demonstrated how a delicious main course could turn Thanksgiving into tragedy.

At the Quinn Fire Academy Wednesday morning, firefighters showed how quickly a deep-fried turkey can start a fire if not handled correctly.

Every year, fires are started when home cooks overlook safety, fire officials say.

Having too much oil in the fryer can cause big flames that can get out of control, burning down garages, porches and houses, and injuring people. 


"First, to test it out, you want to take your fryer and you want to fill it with water and then lower your turkey in to find out where you should mark it off so that it will be covered, but not overflow," Fire Commissioner Annette Nance-Holt said. "After that, you want to take your turkey out, you want to pour out the water and dry out the fryer and then add your oil as needed."

Be sure the turkey is completely dried off after the test and lower it in the oil slowly. Nance-Holt says never leave the fryer unattended. 

Fire officials remind the public to cook away from any structures. Do not put a deep fryer under an overhang. Make sure the turkey is thawed and dried out before putting it in hot oil.

Fire officials advise keeping a fire extinguisher nearby outdoors and in the kitchen.