'Chicago is why the show is so good': Gyllenhaal on new Apple TV+ series

Jake Gyllenhaal said that Chicago is the reason why his new AppleTV+ series "Presumed Innocent" is so good.

The series follows a Chicago prosecutor who is accused of the murder of a woman he was having an affair with – the eight-episode limited series (which was once a 1990 movie starring Harrison Ford) is set in Chicago. However, despite some beautiful exterior shots of the Chicago skyline, most of the series was filmed in California.

It’s the Chicago setting, Gyllenhaal said, that gives the show its high quality."In terms of why the show is so great," the actor said, "it’s because it’s set in Chicago. That’s basically the reason."

Gyllenhaal added "Chicago is great, it’s a fantastic city, is it is the best – and that’s why the show is so good."

"Presumed Innocent" streams on AppleTV+ starting Wednesday.