Chicago leaders to update mask guidance

Confusion remains today about whether Chicagoans need to wear a mask and where.

The state of Illinois is following the newest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fully vaccinated people can now go about their business without a mask for most activities.

But city health officials have essentially said, not so fast. Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady has had additional time to review the CDC guidance and decide whether Chicago will take a more cautious approach. She will announce her decision at a news conference today at 1 PM.

The CDC says people who are two weeks past their second dose of the vaccine still need to wear masks on planes, trains, buses and any other public transportation. Masks are also still required at airports bus and train stations, schools and daycare facilities, Correctional centers and shelters.  


And city officials have said they are in agreement .

But the state says businesses can set their own rules. Walmart and Sam’s Club have said customers who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear masks any longer.

However, stores such as Target, Walgreens and CVS say they still require them.

The varying policies on mask wearing are getting confusing for many.

"I do wish we had more clarification and yes more guidelines would be great," said Jack Farioli. "It’s very confusing."

Like many people, Farioli is concerned about people who are not vaccinated skipping the mask

"Yes, yes extremely worried," Farioli said. "However I do feel that since I’m vaccinated, it’s more on them. "

Others like Christine Kowalke are not ready to give up their masks.

"So this confusion ... I’m not surprised and I’m just going to go a little bit against the CDC, and a little bit more on the side of safer," she said

Clarification on the city’s mask wearing guidelines is expected Tuesday at 1 p.m.