Chicago mayor launches new initiative to break the cycle of violence

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson announced a bold new initiative on Tuesday aimed at breaking the cycle of violence, specifically focusing on the city’s youth.

The program, named "Cycle Breakers," includes conflict resolution, mentoring, and mental health services. The city describes the program as a true collaborative effort.

Some 200 young people from across Chicago contributed to the creation of this initiative. Planning began last year with the Mayor's Office for Community Safety, working alongside the Department of Public Health and 50 community organizations. The goal is to expand current safety efforts, promote healing, and connect young people, as well as their parents, teachers, coaches, and caregivers, with necessary resources.

"We just need to think before we act. That's what my mom always used to say. Just think before you act. Every action has a consequence," youth participant Jeremy Passley said. 

At the Chicago Cultural Center, Johnson met with teens who were eager for change in the city. Dr. Oluzimbo Ige, the city’s Public Health Commissioner, emphasized the importance and urgency of the initiative.

"Help is available," Ige said. "Love is available. Care is available. There is a community out there looking out for you, looking out for your community, to make sure that you are safe. You are loved, you are protected, you are supported, and that you can thrive."

The program's launch is timely, as the city is reeling from a particularly violent holiday weekend in which more than 100 people were shot, and 20 were killed.

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