Chicago mayoral candidate pledges to boost publicly-funded, privately-run charter schools

The city is just 26 days away from the Chicago mayoral election.

On Thursday, one of the candidates revealed his plan to improve the city's educational system.

Candidate Paul Vallas is pledging to boost publicly-funded, privately-run charter schools. 

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In recent years, charter schools have fallen out of favor with the mayor and the Board of Education and there’s staunch opposition from the Chicago Teachers Union. 

Vallas talked about high school gyms being open in the summer for children to have something to do, in an effort to ensure they are safe and not on the streets.

"The first order of business is to open our campuses through the dinner hour, to open our campuses on the weekend, to open our campuses on the holidays, to open our campuses throughout the summers, just not for a limited six-week period, and to invite community-based organizations, to invite the park district, to invite these organizations to bring their programs onto the campuses," said Vallas.


While Vallas served as Chief Executive Officer of CPS from 1995 to 2001, he is not the only candidate with ties to the district.

Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson was a teacher and is a longtime organizer for the Chicago Teachers Union, which has endorsed him.

Ald. Sophia King was a private school teacher and Ald. Roderick Sawyer once served on a local school council. 

Candidates Ja’Mal Green and state Rep. Kam Buckner are also graduates of CPS.