Chicago to open new center to address gun trauma after Halloween party mass shooting

Following a mass shooting that occurred in Lawndale over the weekend, the urgent need for trauma treatment in Chicago neighborhoods has become even more apparent.

To address this, the city will open an Emergency Assistance Center at the nonprofit YMEN's building on 13th and Pulaski on Tuesday.

The center aims to provide support to those affected by the recent mass shooting and other incidents of violence in the city. People can connect with the Department's Victim Services Program, along with religious and nonprofit organizations.

The Lawndale mass shooting took place at the site of a Halloween party, resulting in 15 people injured. The suspect is now in custody. According to witnesses, the suspect was initially removed from the party but returned minutes later with a gun, opening fire.


Chicago Halloween party mass shooting: 15 wounded, police seek to shut down establishment

A suspect is in custody following a mass shooting at a Halloween party that left 15 people wounded in Chicago's North Lawndale neighborhood early Sunday morning.

Ald. Monique Scott of the 24th Ward expressed her distress over the situation.

"I don't know whether to scream or to cry. We shouldn't be out here on a Sunday because 15 victims lay in a hospital because they were shot, because someone couldn't get back into a party. When does this end community? When does the fight stop fighting one another?" said Scott.

The location where the party occurred reportedly has a history of hosting unlicensed events, despite being licensed as an art gallery. Authorities are working to take action against the establishment.

This Halloween weekend saw 11 people killed in 12 mass shootings across the country, emphasizing the need for support and assistance in affected communities. The Chicago Emergency Assistance Center at YMEN will be operational on Tuesday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 1241 S. Pulaski.

The center is a critical resource for victims, their families, and the community during these challenging times.