One Fair Wage for tipped workers in Chicago takes effect July 1

Tipped workers in Chicago are learning their rights as the new One Fair Wage ordinance goes into effect soon

The legislation will raise pay for more than 200,000 service industry workers who currently make below the standard minimum wage.

"We want people to know this is phasing out the subminimum wage while keeping tips on top," Alderperson Jessie Fuentes said. "Our hospitality workers deserve to make a livable wage in the city of Chicago. We are the epicenter for culinary excellence in the United States. We know that this particular bill will not shutter our restaurants." 

On July 1, workers earning subminimum wage will receive the first of several pay bumps from $9.48 per hour to more than $11 per hour.

Chicago was the first city in the country to voluntarily phase out subminimum wage, according to Fuentes.