Beat the heat at one of Chicago's public pools

As Chicago deals with its first major heatwave of the season, the Chicago Park District is opening its pools.

Chicago's beaches have been open since Memorial Day weekend, but there's nothing like visiting your neighborhood pool on a hot day.

The Chicago Park District on Monday celebrated the opening of its 77 indoor and outdoor pools, one week earlier than last year.

Officials say their off-season hiring push led to a sizable lifeguard roster that allowed them to get pools staffed faster.

Kids can also cool off by taking advantage of the Park District's 200 splash pads and water features, including one next to the Dvorak Park pool.

"I used to work here as a lifeguard, I used to come here and swim every single day when I was younger. It’s the first day, it’s the first day of the pool opening! It’s hotter than actual hell," said Yolanda Judeh.


Chicago cooling centers open amid extreme heat

Cooling centers opened up over the weekend as Chicago prepares for a week-long heatwave. 

"We’re trying to stay cool, and I just bought this little setup at Aldi and she can’t wait to get back in the water," said Quiana Ortega.

"I usually just relax, I swim a little bit, jump in, but I like to just chill at the pool with my family," said Kaleb Hayden.

Most pools will be open six days a week. The day they are closed will depend on the location.

Before you head to your neighborhood pool, you are encouraged to check their schedule for specific hours.