Chicago police warn Hyundai and Kia owners after 7 more cars are stolen

Police said Sunday the number of Hyundais and Kias stolen in Chicago continue to climb.

The most recent car thefts are reported in the Austin neighborhood:

  • North Austin near Byron in Portage Park on January 10
  • North Central near Washington on January 12
  • North Waller near Fulton in Austin on January 14
  • West Corcoran near Mayfield in Austin on January 16
  • West Washington North Central in Austin between January 17 and January 18
  • West Washington near North Menard between January 20 and January 21
  • West Washington near North Waller in Austin on January 21

There were 22 Hyundai and Kia thefts reported earlier in the month on the Northwest Side. Police say multiple offenders are involved in the thefts, which occurred between Jan. 1 and Jan. 5 in Belmont Cragin, Hermosa, and surrounding neighborhoods.

How can I stop a car thief from taking my car? 

Steering wheels locks are recommended to deter thieves. Police also suggest installing surveillance cameras, and when possible, to park in a secure garage or in an area with heavy pedestrian traffic.