All Chicago pools set to reopen June 23 with increased lifeguard staffing

Get ready to dive in, do a cannonball or just take a dip!

All Chicago pools are on track to reopen June 23 after lifeguard hiring surge.

Chicago Park District's beaches and pools managers said Wednesday more than 300 lifeguards are being trained to staff the facilities.

Park officials say this is exciting news since last summer, the city opened fewer than half of neighborhood pools because of a persistent lifeguard shortage.


"The lifeguard application pool as nearly doubled since last year, with over 1,800 people since May 31 compared to 850 last year," said Andrew Walsh, Chicago Park District beaches and pools manager.

The district has expanded trainings, waived certification fees, adopted a $600 signing bonus and offered new incentives like free Chicago Fire soccer tickets and Divvy memberships to applicants.