Chicago promotes water quality, city history with 'Chicagwa' canned tap water from Lake Michigan

The hottest drink in Chicago has become a cool can of water, as the city promotes its water with a new campaign.

Beth Dowell drove from her home in Oak Park to eat at Manny's Deli in the South Loop because she heard they were involved with the promotion and serving of cans of "Chicagwa."

"I like Manny's, but I heard that they were giving out the Chicagwa cans of water. I thought, what a great opportunity. It looks like great art on the can and I love Lake Michigan water," said Dowell.

Chicagwa is pure Chicago tap water sourced from Lake Michigan.

With goofy commercials and cool cans, the city is promoting Chicago’s water quality and celebrating the city’s history with its unique source, Lake Michigan.

And even as the city works to replace lead pipes throughout Chicago, the Department of Water Management touts the tap water as tasty and safe.


The Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Water Management says the city purifies and pumps almost 750 million gallons of water to 42 percent of the state's population.

Chicago resident David Litt took a sip. He said it tastes just like his water at home.

Chicagwa comes in cans designed by a diverse group of Chicago artists.

On Wednesday, the free cans of water were going fast at Manny's.

"Growing up in Chicago, Chicago always did have the best water. It tasted great and why are people spending all this extra money on fancy water when we have the best water here? So we're very excited to take part in this project, "said Dan Raskin, owner and operator of Manny’s Deli.

Chicagwa cans will be available in a limited run and at special events. But always on tap.