Chicago Public Schools student makes history with flag football scholarship

Karla Martinez Rodriguez, a recent graduate of Solorio Academy, is set to make history as she embarks on her college journey.

This fall, she will attend Cottey College on a flag football scholarship.

Karla, who played for Solorio and participated in a college football showcase at Halas Hall earlier this year, becomes the first student-athlete in the history of CPS and the Chicago Public League to receive a flag football scholarship.

The Chicago Public League, now in its third season, has expanded to include over 50 CPS teams and more than 10 teams from surrounding suburbs. The league aims to become an officially sanctioned Illinois High School Association sport.


Karla's achievement serves as an inspiration for aspiring student-athletes in CPS and the wider Chicago community. Her success showcases the opportunities available in non-traditional sports like flag football.

Congratulations to Karla Martinez Rodriguez as she begins her college journey at Cottey College!