Chicago rideshare drivers continue to demand better wages, lower fares for passengers

Chicago rideshare drivers took their fight to City Hall Wednesday to demand better pay and safer jobs.

They are urging the mayor to pass an ordinance to ensure the safety of drivers, to receive better wages and to keep fares low for passengers.

The ordinance was first introduced into City Council in February.

It would guarantee that drivers would make at least 30-cents per minute, and would prevent rideshare companies from taking a commission of more than 20-percent.


The proposal also calls for an appeals process for drivers who are suspended from the company, and a passenger verification system to keep drivers safe.

"I feel that a dollar a mile is fair. It is what it started as a year ago. It's the only job that gets a rate cut, and they consistently spin it as a positive for us because we will be busier working to the point where we never go home," said Brian Bettenhausen, a rideshare driver. 

The Chicago Gig Alliance organized the rally.

They hoped the ordinance would be up for a vote this summer.

We have reached out to the city of Chicago for a response, but have now heard back.