Chicago, suburban police prepare for potential 'teen takeovers' this holiday weekend

Preparations are being made in downtown Chicago in case another "teen takeover" event takes place this weekend, and suburban leaders are doing the same.

On Friday, the Spring Fling Festival opened up in Westmont at Ty Warner park, with crowds ready for a weekend of rides, barbeque and community spirit.

Of course, many communities are still thinking about what happened last weekend in Tinley Park.

During the Armed Forces carnival last Saturday night, hundreds of kids gathered and caused chaos. Five teens were cited for fighting and the last day of the carnival on Sunday had to be canceled.

"We're not going to be deterred," said Village Manager Pat Carr. "We're open for business and Tinley Park for events, and we're moving forward to look forward to a great summer."


Carr and other leaders are looking at policy changes for the rest of the summer, including bag checks, clear boundaries around festivals, and youth supervision policies.

Now in Westmont, the President of the Lions Club, who is in charge of this weekend festival, says they will not back down but that they are in contact with law enforcement.

"We are not changing anything, but it sure prompted us to put a call into the Westmont Police Department. We have a great relationship with the Westmont police force and we asked them, what are the plans, what do we need to do? They are prepared. They have been monitoring social media, and they have a response preparedness plan with multi-departments throughout the area. We are ready to go," said Bob Fleck, Westmont Lions Club president.

One event that is changing course is in Evergreen Park next month. The Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church has canceled its large fundraising festival over fears of teen violence. They are working on other plans.