Chicagoans celebrate Independence Day

Chicago is home to all types of Fourth of July celebrations.

Chicagoans celebrated our nation's 240th birthday in traditional fashion with events scheduled throughout the greater Chicagoland area, including parades, barbeques and ball games.

And of course, music in Millennium Park.

Chicago’s Youth Symphony Orchestra opened their 4th of July concert rehearsal to the public. Ten-thousand people were expected to attend a performance that includes music and lyrics from the Olympics, West Side Story, and legendary film composer John Williams.

"The Pritzker Pavillion and Grant Park Music Festival is a place where the entire city comes together on special nights like Independence day and music is just something that binds us all together,” said Paul Winberg, CEO of Grant Park Music Festival.

Over at North Avenue Beach, it was packed wall to wall with young people doing what young people do: hanging out and having fun.

Also, the historical significance of Independence Day was not lost on some of today's beachgoers.

"It definitely has meaning, I feel like there's a lot more behind it and people find a way to get together and celebrate something meaningful,” said Judith Venegas.

"Just have a good day, just appreciate what we have, and appreciate what people are fighting for,” said Nicky Shanker.

And throughout the City of Chicago were symbols of patriotism worn by people young and old.

"I think it definitely holds some meaning and that's why you see the patriotic wear; you turn around there's red, white and blue; hats and scarves and tee shirts, and everybody's proud to be an American,” said Monica Skylling Mattson.