Chicago's newest police officer has an amazing story to match

Lots of kids dream of becoming a police officer. On Wednesday, that wish came true for a boy from the Northwest Side who has battled cancer, and won.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson helped make 3-year-old David Juarez's wish come true. David  was just declared cancer free after surgery to remove a tumor.

Make-A-Wish Illinois learned that his wish was to be a police officer. On Wednesday, not only was Officer David sworn in, but he joined a SWAT team, met some canine officers, checked out a mounted patrol and helped track down some bad guys.

To celebrate his wish coming true, there was also a cake.

“I've been so emotional all day, I've been holding back all day, but it's just awesome to see all the support he has. And just everyone, how awesome they've been with him,” his mother, Daisy Santillan said.

David's cancerous tumor was located near his kidney and his spine. At first, chemotherapy seeemed to have it under control but he eventually needed surgery at Lurie Children's Hospital last March..

Make-A-Wish Illinois has tracked David's case since last winter when they learned about his illness.

Jessica Miller/Make a Wish Illinois: “Make-A-Wish wants to be there when kids are having their toughest days, so that they can have something to look forward to, and something to think about, and something to distract them. from whatever it is that they are fighting,” Jessica Miller from Make-A-Wish Illinois said.

The police who helped David's wish come true got something out of it too.

“This has been a rough year for the police department, and for the city itself and everything, but all you got to do is, as you guys did, spend five, 10 minutes here, look at david, look at the smiles, look at how happy he is,” Lt. Robert Stasch said.