Chicago's north suburbs get pounded by snow, with 4 to 8 inches falling

Chicago-area snow plows didn't see much action in December -but this week they are in high gear just trying to keep up with the falling snow.

On Saturday, Northern Lake and McHenry Counties got hit the worst, with 4 to 8 inches falling.  The winter storm warning was in effect all day into the night – meaning extra work for some like the Montejo family in Gurnee, who went the extra mile to clear the sidewalks in the neighborhood.


"The neighbors walk their dogs here pretty often, so we need to be sure it's clean for them. We have a dog too. We want to make sure it's clean for everybody when they walk by," said Carlos Montejo.

But the snow also meant extra fun for others, like the children, enjoying some sledding at Warren Township Park.

"I haven't been able to go sledding in a long time," said Emma Brumar, who called conditions "awesome".

Noah Bandstra described his strategy for going fast this way: "You use a hovercraft to build speed because it's not super rough on the bottom."

With snow six of the last seven days, much of the Chicago area is making up for a mild start to the winter.

"I think we've gotten off kind of easy really" said Montejo. "We've had 4 inches max so far. Yeah we've been fairly lucky."

And while the snow is expected to end early Sunday, the next winter wallop is a drop in temperatures.