Controversy surrounds proposed Headquarters Beercade in Pilsen

There is a battle brewing over whether a proposed bar will get to open in Pilsen, as some neighborhood residents say they do not want it there.

“We have families and seniors that live nearby. We already have a few bars in the area and it represents a challenge for neighbors. The neighbors have a right to decide what comes in,” said Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez of the 25th Ward.

Residents do not want to deal with public intoxication, noise and crime that they say comes from bars.

“If you’ve been there for years, of course you’d be upset about that,” said Lon, a resident of Pilsen.

Over 170 signatures were collected opposing the new home of Headquarters Beercade, which is a bar with an arcade. Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection then denied the liquor license for the business.

However, the bar appealed and the License Appeals Commission, an unelected body whose chair is appointed by the mayor, gave the bar the OK.

“As a resident of the area, I own a couple of properties here, I am OK with it,” said Delia.

Alderman Sigcho-Lopez urged the city to file a lawsuit against the bar to prevent the liquor license from being granted, and they will.

“Are we going to allow people with big pockets to just do as they please, even without the proper permits and zoning? The guideline are for everyone,” he said.

The bar’s location would be right next-door to homes. FOX 32 reached out to the bar and did not hear back.