Cops find 275 pounds of pot next to baby in car seat, women arrested: report

Agents found the baby next to 275 pounds of pot. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

Texas Border Patrol officials said they discovered a baby in a car seat next to 275 pounds of marijuana after they pulled a vehicle over last Friday, a report said.

Ashley Renee Resendiz, 22, and Carla Michelle Resendiz, 47, both of Texas, were arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute, according to Dallas Morning News.

A witness called Border Patrol Friday after allegedly seeing the suspects’ vehicle being loaded with what looked like drugs.

Agents released the baby into the custody of a relative and confiscated the five bundles (totaling 275.36 pounds) of marijuana, Dallas Morning News reported.

Carla Resendiz’s bail was set at $75,000 Thursday. Ashley Resendiz's hearing is scheduled for Friday.