CPD releases video footage of incident that sparked violence, 24 arrests downtown

During a news conference Saturday night, Chicago police Supt. David Brown said officers made a total of 24 arrests, including four felony arrests, due to violence that erupted downtown. 

In a tweet posted by CPD, officials released a video that shows the initial incident that sparked violence and arrests.  

Peaceful protesters gathered near the Dan Ryan

Around 12:30 p.m. Saturday, protesters gathered near the Dan Ryan and 47th Street in hopes of shutting down the expressway. Illinois State Police and Chicago police officers deterred protesters away from the expressway entrance, forcing them to march down side streets. 

Police were then forced to close down Indiana Avenue as protesters headed on a 5-mile march from the South Side to downtown.

The peaceful demonstration led by Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef ended at Roosevelt and Michigan. Rabbi Yousef said that his group wrapped up the protest with speeches, and then they dismantled.  

Supt. Brown said no arrests were made during the peaceful demonstration, and there were no reports of violence during their march.

Seperate protest turns violent

It wasn't until later in the afternoon during a separate protest that people began throwing projectiles at police officers. 

Brown said in order to protect peaceful protesters and officers, CPD responded by deploying OC spray, or pepper spray, to deter agitators. CPD says they did not utilize tear gas.

Two protesters were treated at the scene.

Uniformed police both in riot gear and without, stood guard at nearly every street corner downtown, hoping to avoid a repeat of last weekend’s looting.

CPD Superintendent David Brown was walking alongside his officers Saturday night on Michigan Avenue.

A total of 24 arrests, including four for felonies, were made Saturday night. 

Brown said 17 officers were treated for non-life-threatening injuries due to being assaulted and maced. Skateboards, bicycles, bottles and other projectiles were also thrown at officers.