CTA union president says violence on Chicago trains, buses is out of control

After a man was shot on a CTA bus in Chicago's Lawndale neighborhood early Sunday, transit union president Keith Hill said the violence has gotten out of control.

"It's sad to say it's become a norm for us. We see this all day, every day," Hill said.

Sunday's shooting happened on a Route 53 bus at Pulaski and Polk. An eyewitness said the 31-year-old victim was chased off the bus by the gunman, then hopped back on. The eyewitness aid the victim tried to hide between the seats and was shot. The victim was hospitalized in good condition.

That shooting was the fifth violent incident in the past week on the CTA. Other attacks included stabbings, and beatings on train platforms in the South Loop. On Monday, the operator of a Red Line train was lured by a person who claimed to need help retrieving their phone; that person then pushed the operator on to the tracks.

Last month, the CTA held a news conference with Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, pledging to boost the number of security guards and police officers on trains and buses. The CTA board has also approved multi-year contracts totaling $71 million to two private security companies.

Hill was skeptical that unarmed security guards could make a difference.

"I don't see them being a deterrent. I don't see them stopping anything. They're unarmed. They're just like a regular rider. Why would they jeopardize their lives to stop anything?" Hill said.