CTU voices concerns over school safety heading into fall

Chicago teachers say not so fast when it comes to restarting school this fall.

Before students can return to Chicago Public Schools, the teachers union has a list of demands. From deep cleaning and PPE for all, to this tweet which surprised many with its simplicity: "Soap, warm water and disinfectant."

"Many of our educators bring in their own supplies, those supplies include, paper towels santizer and hand washing soap," Chicago Teachers Union vice president Stacy Davis Gates said.

CPS says there will be hand sanitizer readily available; stringent cleaning protocols, daily temperature checks and required face coverings.
"Nothing is more important than the safety of our students, staff and families, and we remain committed to widespread engagement to ensure our plan for reopening supports the diverse needs of our entire school community," CPS said in a statement.

But with some Chicagoans flouting health guidelines in the midst of a pandemic, Davis Gates says it's going to take this whole city getting on board for schools to reopen.
"I think if reopening schools is a priority, that we will be taking more consideration to how we behave this summer to make sure you know that people are safe," Davis Gates said.

The Chicago Teachers Union says businesses need to be involved -- so parents of CPS kids have more flexiblity at work.

It's a lot to figure out - with just two months before school starts.

And the CTU is skeptical is can happen.
"This is not an easy undertaking we're not going to snap our fingers and be back there," Davis Gates said.
CPS says it's eager to open its doors to students - but work continues on guidelines to figure out if it's safe to do so.