Demonstrators demand colleges cut ties with CPD

Demonstrators took to the streets near Loyola University Friday demanding the school cut ties with the CPD.

Now, more protests are set for this weekend at UIC. 

The peaceful protestors marched in the streets, and at one point shut down part of Sheridan Road.

In a statement to the school's newspaper, the Vice President of Student Development said that campus safety officers and staff are legally required to work directly with the locally designated law authority. Therefore, calls to sever all ties are not practical.

Students at the University of Illinois Chicago are expected to rally to end police contracts as well.

Former 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti says that it is to take place outside of the chancellor’s home. At least one house nearby was already boarded up.

“Other people are leaving tomorrow not to be around during the demonstration, so there is a concern. People have been knocking on my door asking me what to do, and hopefully, from what we've heard, the police will give us enough protection and if necessary depending on the size of the demonstration, they will block off the street,” said Fioretti.

That protest is expected to take place tomorrow at 5 p.m.