Dog missing for several days finally reunited with owner thanks to CPD officers, community

An Avalon Park woman has her dog back safe at home, and those who found him are telling the tale.

Family, strangers and several police officers worked for days to find the German Shepherd.

Two-year-old Toby is still shaken after four days lost in Chicago, but he's finally back home, thanks to police officers from the 14th district.

"I know they do their hard job every day, serving the community, risking their lives, and the fact that they did that for my Toby, too - Thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart," said Toby’s owner, Nelly Roa.

Roa says the saga started Saturday when she took Toby to Med Vet in Avalon Park for a cut eye.

"They gave me a call and said, 'We are sorry. We lost your dog,'" said Roa.

Then, Roa and her family posted on social media, sparking a "Find Toby" movement that eventually included police officers searching Chicago's streets during a winter storm.

On Wednesday, they got a break in the case.

"I was on my way home, talking to the wife on the phone, and I saw something wrong, like I said, ‘I gotta give you a call back, Toby just ran by.’  And she’s like, ‘Who’s Toby?’" said Officer Ricky Podgorny.

Several officers then tracked the skittish pup to Division and Campbell.

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"At some point we had Toby kind of in one area, but it was hard to. He was real scared so it's hard to get him to stay still," said Officer Juan Diaz.

So, police called Toby’s mom, who got down on the busy street and called his name in Spanish.


"And then he came to me, a little scared, but he came, and I hugged him, and I haven’t let him go," said Noa.

The officers at the 14th district say finding a lost dog is just part of their job.

"I just think people have this misidentified idea that we, we just don't care, we just punch a clock nine to five. I mean, it's a great feeling. I mean, I'm a pet owner, so I mean, I know exactly how she feels losing an animal," said Officer Dan Kolosziejski.

"He’s happy. That’s a happy dog, and that’s a happy mom. This is what we do. We love it. I’m glad he’s home with you," said Officer Adam Jaurigue.

Not only did Toby survive the snowy, cold, city streets, but this good boy united a community.