Dramatic Michael Floyd DUI arrest footage released

Dramatic police body camera footage captured during the DUI arrest of former Arizona Cardinals player Michael Floyd are now able to be viewed by the public.

Floyd, who is now a player for the New England Patriots, was found passed out behind the wheel of a car, with his foot on the brake. His car was stopped at a light in Old Town Scottsdale. The DUI arrest came just hours after the Cardinals returned to Arizona from a defeat by the Miami Dolphins, in Miami.

Floyd was cut from the team after the arrest.

Floyd's car, a Cadillac Escalade, reportedly idled through two cycles of traffic lights, and when a Scottsdale police officer approached the vehicle, Floyd was passed out inside. In the video, the officer knocked on the window, and tried to wake.

At the time, Floyd was unresponsive, with his head back and mouth open. He reportedly failed to followed several commands issued by the officers. For a time, Floyd reportedly thought he was being arrested for failing to turn left.

Bloods results show Floyd's blood-alcohol concentration was .217, which is more than double the legal limit.