Victims may be given opportunity to speak at Burke sentencing

There are new developments in the former Chicago Alderman Ed Burke corruption case.

The court said Friday it has received a number of calls from people who want to speak at Burke's sentencing. 

His sentencing is set for June 24th, although Burke's attorneys are trying to have it delayed.

Burke — the longest serving City Council member in Chicago’s history — was found guilty of several felonies in December 2023.

He was facing 14 counts and was found guilty on 13 of them, which included: racketeering; corruptly soliciting, demanding, accepting, or agreeing to accept things of value; using an interstate facility to promote unlawful activity; and attempted extortion.

The corruption schemes occurred in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Victims of a crime are allowed to give statements at a sentencing. 

The court is urging anyone who thinks they are a victim of a crime in the Burke case to contact the U.S. Attorney. 

Prosecutors have asked for a 10-year prison sentence for Burke. 

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