Elk Grove Village residents seek relief at the pool from sweltering temps

The place to be Tuesday is in the shade or in the pool as temperatures are expected to hit 100 degrees across the Chicago area.

In Elk Grove Village, the pools opened at 6 a.m. for lap swimming, team practices, instruction and water aerobics .

If you can’t get to a pool for relief, experts say it’s best to stay out of the heat and be in air conditioning. In your home, keep the curtains closed, avoid using the oven and keep hydrating. But avoid sugary drinks, caffeine and alcohol. 


The area has experienced this level of heat already this season but caution is advised. Many people don’t know when they’ve had too much sun. 

A lifeguard at Elk Grove Village’s pools said she has to be responsible for the safety of swimmers at all levels, including being able to spot if someone is suffering from heat illness. 

The Elk Grove Village pools are expected to be at capacity today.