Empty Chicago ballparks leave restaurants nearly vacant amid MLB negotiations

The Major League Baseball Commissioner has canceled 93 more games, pushing the start of the season to April 14. 

"We worked hard to reach an agreement and offered a fair deal with significant improvements for the players and our fans. I am saddened by this situation’s continued impact on our game and all those who are a part of it, especially our loyal fans," Robert Manfred said in a statement.

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin didn't mince words when he reacted on 670 The Score Thursday morning.

"These baseball franchises are worth billions of dollars, and here they are haggling over this and that and the other thing," said Durbin on the Mully & Haugh Show. "It’s time for the lockout to end. It’s time for the baseball season to begin, and it’s time for the agreement to be reached."


It was the second bargaining session in a week that failed to produce a deal.

Fans may be disappointed - but for some business owners near Chicago ballparks, the empty seats in the ballpark will be matched by empty seats at the bar.

Many of these businesses reportedly rely on baseball for up to 70% of their annual revenue. People who live in Wrigleyville are sympathetic.

Fernanda Ramalho said, "In winter people just don't come out much. There are a couple of places down here," She said pointing to local businesses, "we already saw a couple of turnarounds and I could certainly see some of them closing up again."

"I think it's a mess. I wish the owners would let them start playing and work through the contract while they're playing," said Sean Treccia, who is especially concerned about the newer restaurants and pubs."

"Fans across America deserve better," Durbin tweeted.