'Extremely suspicious': 3 moms want answers after 1 dead, 2 missing in Marquette Park

Three moms are looking for answers after their children all disappeared from the same neighborhood. 

One was found dead last year and two have gone missing. 

Detectives are investigating all three cases, which they call "extremely suspicious." The victims all knew each other and disappeared from the same area. Their mothers believe they are all connected. 

The victims are 20-year-old Shante, 33-year-old Joanna and 26-year-old Marlo. They were all last seen on the South Side in Marquette Park. 

Most recently, Marlo vanished in October. 

His mother - Melody Palmer - says he visited a friend in the area and stopped answering his phone. 

Marlo's friend, Joanna, went missing almost a year ago. 

After her disappearance, family and friends canvassed the area putting up flyers. They say she may have been kidnapped. 

"A car approached her, with 3 or 4 people, they jumped out the car, they pulled her into the car and she was screaming for help,” Joanna’s mom said.

Her mother says someone witnessed the incident and came forward. 

Chicago police confirm they recovered the car, but no Joanna, which leaves her mother hopeful.

The first to go missing was an acquaintance of Joanna’s. Shante disappeared July 24 of 2016. Her body was found three days later. 

Days before her death, Shante witnessed a friend's murder and was almost killed herself. 

If you think you know anything about these cases, their mothers urge you to call Chicago police. You can remain anonymous.