Father Tom Hurley of Chicago's Old St. Patrick's Church is stepping down

One of Chicago's best known priests is stepping down from his position in the Chicago Archdiocese. 

Father Tom Hurley became an associate pastor at Old St. Patrick's Church in the West Loop in May 2003, and became the pastor in October 2007.

In a video released Sunday, Father Hurley said he is stepping away from his work after consulting for two years with his doctor, therapist, friends and family. He said he needs to take care of himself.

"I wish I could stand here and tell you that everything with me is great, but that would not be honest or accurate," Father Hurley told the congregation on Sunday. "For the past two years, even before the pandemic began, I have really been struggling with the energy level needed for a successful place like Old St. Pat's."

Father Hurley is also the priest for Frances Xavier Warde school.

"I love Old St. Pat's and its mission with all my heart," he said. "I have done my best to keep a joyful, strong, positive exterior, but it has come at the cost of my own health and well-being."


In statement, the Chicago Archdiocese said Sunday: "When a priest steps away from ministry, there is a support system to help him. We pray for Father Hurley's healing and for the continued good work of the parish and staff."

The Archdiocese said that a parish administrator will be named soon.