Fighting at Joliet schools escalates amid attacks on staff, students

Parents say they want out of the Joliet school district, concerned about the recent string of fights happening at school.

There reportedly have been 70 suspensions and one arrest so far this school year. There is a special meeting of the school board Tuesday night to address student discipline.

Video showing fights has been shared on social media.


The principal of Joliet West High School was trying to break up a fight last Friday and was punched multiple times while students recorded video.

District 204 Superintendent Karla Guseman called it embarrassing and destructive to the community.

She wrote a letter reminding students and parents that fighting and videotaping can lead to expulsion from school. 

In part, the letter reads: "You are inciting violence and negatively impacting the students who are here to learn. We understand that you may be been affected by the pandemic but this is not an excuse for your behavior. Your actions will not be tolerated in our schools."

Teachers have filed grievances over safety.

The district is taking steps to curb tardiness, to get students in classrooms and out of the hallways.