Former Chicago Blackhawk Brent Sopel speaks out in support of Kyle Beach

Former Chicago Blackhawks player Kyle Beach says in the midst of everything after his sexual assault, some players stood by his side.

One of those he mentioned by name was former Blackhawks player Brent Sopel.

Beach says Sopel was one of the few people who took his accusation against former Blackhawks coach Brad Aldrich seriously.

On Monday, FOX 32 had the chance to talk with Sopel about the situation in 2010. Sopel says he spoke up to managers about Beach's accusation back then and was told it was going to be taken care of.

After that, however, nothing happened.

Aldrich was allowed to celebrate the team's Stanley Cup win before leaving.

Sopel posted to social media this week commending Beach for having the strength and courage to come forward, and telling Beach he is not alone.


Sopel says there are no winners in this situation.

"I was there with Kyle the whole time. I don't need a personal relationship with somebody to do what's right. Sometimes doing what's right isn't easy. But what Kyle’s going through is a million times worse than standing up for somebody and getting attacked on many different levels," Sopel said. "Coach Q's a great man. He did a lot of great things for the city, and I'll always respect him. But we all make mistakes. I think the three of us on here [wish we] could go back and change things we've done, and unfortunately this is something that needs to [set a] precedent. This is a story that needs to be front and center for days, weeks, months and years. Because it happens way too much. Victims don't feel comfortable enough to come forward. There isn't enough support across the board, no matter where you're talking about; If you're talking about the four major sports. If you're talking about corporate America. This is something for the world where we all need to learn about and learn how to get better and make sure that this gets eliminated."

The Athletic is reporting that Beach will be meeting with the Blackhawks on Tuesday.

Beach met with the NHL commissioner over the weekend who apparently offered his regrets and some mental health help.