Friday marks 7 years since Blago started prison sentence

Friday marked seven years since Rod Blagojevich traded his political life for prison life.

On this anniversary of him starting a 14-year sentence, the former governor's family kept pushing for his release.

In a dramatic fall, the former Illinois governor headed off to prison on March 15, 2012 -- leaving his wife and daughters behind.

Also on this anniversary, his wife Patti posted on social media: "Today is another sad day on this painful journey as it marks 7 years that Rod has been away from home."

Once again she praised the president, writing: "President Trump was correct when he tweeted 7 years ago today: 'It's outrageous that Blagojevich goes to jail for 14 years when killers and sex offenders are out walking the streets. Is this justice...I don't think so.'”

In several appearances on Fox News, Patti has aimed her message at President Trump and his power to commute a sentence. She's linked her husband's case to some of the president favorite targets like James Comey and the Justice Department.

"They suppressed evidence, they lied to the jury in closing arguments, they made sure that our evidence, those wire taps were so famous, that our wiretaps never even saw the light of day,” Patti said on Fox News.

Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years for corruption charges, but is expected to get out in 2024.

Appeals have failed, so hope of an earlier release for the former governor falls to the president.

Once again on Friday, Patti said she was grateful for Donald Trump's support.