Friends, family plead for justice for slain Chicago officer: 'We'll never feel the same'

Community members, family and friends came together Sunday afternoon to honor the life of Chicago Police Officer Luis Huesca. 

Huesca was fatally shot Sunday, April 21 in Gage Park while he was returning home from his tour of duty with the Area 2 Priority Response Team. 

His visitation began at 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Blake-Lamb Funeral Home in Oak Lawn. His funeral is set to take place on Monday, April 29. 

Dozens stood in line to bid their final goodbyes to Huesca. Among those who were present was Elizabeth French, the mother of police officer Ella French who was killed in 2021, and other Gold Star family members. 

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"We don't want to be here. We see each other every time we show up. We kind of shake our heads. It's really unbelievable," said Sandra Wortham, whose brother was killed in 2010.

After the shooting that claimed Huesca's life, police said his vehicle had also been stolen. 

Huesca worked for Chicago PD for six years and was most recently assigned to the 5th District. 

"They go out here every day, try to protect us, protect the city… dealing with the same as the community is," said Wortham. 

Police have obtained surveillance footage from the crime scene. Right now, a $100,000 reward is being offered by multiple agencies for tips that may lead to the suspect's arrest – 22-year-old Xavier Tate Jr. 

An arrest warrant for Tate was obtained Friday. He was arrested last month for criminal trespass in Olympia Fields. 

Officer Huesca's family breaks their silence 

On Sunday, Officer Luis Huesca's family spoke in a 10-minute-long video shared on YouTube by the Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge 7. 

"I have no words to express how my family feeling… Without Luis, we'll never feel the same. We mentioned his name every single second," Huesca's mother, Edith Huesca, said. "For me, as a mother, I've been asking for justice… what happened to Luis is not fair."

"I have no words to express my pain," Edith added.

Huesca's sister, Lily O'Brien, said she spoke to her brother every day and wanted him to move across the country to be close to his nieces and nephews. But, he decided to stay in Chicago – a place she calls, "violent." 

"This is my baby brother and, like my mom said, he was the nicest person and everybody I meet has something so kind to say about him. We want to express our gratitude to the other police officers and the people who have been here supporting us," O'Brien said.  

"Our family feels so frustrated and furious that my brother is not here yet somebody else that murdered him is running around and he's still free. And the anger that we feel with how violent Chicago has turned and how this is now the status quo. How this is normalized," O'Brien added. 

You can watch the full video from Huesca's family below: