Fundraiser held for Chicago firefighter who was shot in the face last month

Timothy Eiland, a Chicago firefighter, was off-duty when he was shot last month.

Days ago, he spoke for the first time since the shooting.

On Friday, his own comrades hosted a fundraiser for his family.

"If your house is on fire and your family is in there, Tim's the guy that's going in there to get them," said Steven Ellerson, Jr., a friend of Eiland's.

Eiland has saved property and lives over the years, and now, he's fighting for his own after being shot in the face.

A fundraiser was hosted by the Black Fire Brigade Friday evening for the 32-year-old firefighter.

Eiland was off-duty, leaving a surprise birthday party on Sept. 11 when someone drove by shooting in the 300 block of East Kensington in West Pullman.

His 15-year-old niece was also shot.


She's home recovering.

Eiland is eating through a feeding tube and can't walk on his own. However, he was able to speak earlier this week.

"It doesn't make sense what's happening in our city, the gun violence is really bad," said 32nd State Rep. Cyril Nichols.

Eiland has a long road to recovery, and his parents started a Go Fund Me to help with medical expenses.

The husband and father of five is the sole provider for his family.