Garcia, Lopez take shots at one another in Chicago mayoral election

Some heated words were exchanged Tuesday in the contest for mayor of Chicago, as another big name considers whether to enter the race.

When FOX 32 Chicago sat down Monday night with Congressman Chuy Garcia, we asked whether he sees a future mayor in Ray Lopez, the 15th Ward City Council member who's currently the only announced Hispanic candidate in the contest.

"Someone who’s been in the council for such a short time, is not bilingual, hasn’t lived the experience of other neighborhoods in Chicago? Not likely to be a consensus or a galvanizing force, with all due respect," Garcia said.


For his part, Lopez, who has represented the 15th Ward in the City Council for two terms, responded by asking why Congressman Garcia did not speak out sooner about issues such as the rising rate of violent crime under Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

"Only now, as is true to his form, is he willing to stand up because he sees that we have a weak candidate running for re-election. I will not bow or step aside to him, because he's had his chance, numerous times by the way, trying to elevate himself, never really finishing the job," Lopez said.

Congressman Garcia ran for mayor in 2015, forcing Rahm Emanuel into a runoff that Rahm won by a margin of 56% to 44%.