Magnificent Hanukkah display lights up Glencoe house

A house in Chicago's North Shore is decked out for Hanukkah.

Homeowner Gary Hazan tells FOX 32 Chicago his holiday light display has over 20,000 lights, dozens of blowup decorations, and lasers.

Hazan says people from all over travel to his block to see the magnificent light display.

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah begins in the evening of December 18 and ends in the evening of December 26.


Those looking to visit Hazan's home to see the light display can travel to 714 Valley Road in Glencoe.

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Hanukkah display lights up home in Chicago's North Shore | Provided

Hazan says he's been told he has the largest Hanukkah holiday display in the Chicago area.

Meanwhile, a Christmas house in Tinley Park has returned this year and it is bigger and brighter than ever.

It's a must-see attraction, and thousands of spectators come out each year to see it.

A crew of 80 people began designing the display right after Halloween.

The display is spread over three homes on Avon Lane.

The holiday masterpiece was first created in 1996, and has been going strong ever since.

"My favorite part is the homemade stuff, you know, we have all these little homemade villages and houses we've made. We've got our Ferris Wheel, we've got our carousel, all the stuff that moves is what all the kids and the people really like," said Dominic Kowalczyk, the owner.