Highland Park shooting: Officials search for witness who may have seen gunman drop object after parade attack

Lake County authorities are searching for a female witness who may have seen the Highland Park shooting suspect drop an object inside of a red blanket immediately following the attack at the Independence Day parade Monday.

Authorities are hoping that the witness will come forward, and call 1-800-CALL-FBI.

The suspected gunmen, Robert Crimo III, used a rifle that was similar to an AR-15, and opened fire on a parade crowd Monday morning— killing seven people and wounding nearly 40 others.


Crimo was also allegedly disguised as a woman at the time of the shooting.

After the shooting, Crimo blended in with the crowd and walked to his mother's home in the area where he borrowed her vehicle, Covelli said. A member of the community spotted Crimo driving and called 911.

Crimo was pulled over and arrested during a traffic stop about five miles north of the shooting.

On Tuesday, the Lake County Coroner's Office identified six of the seven victims who were killed in the attack. The following are the names of the victims:

  • Katherine Goldstein, 64, of Highland Park
  • Irina McCarthy, 35, of Highland Park
  • Kevin McCarthy 37, of Highland Park
  • Jacquelyn Sundheim, 63, of Highland Park
  • Stephen Straus, 88, of Highland Park
  • Nicolas Toledo-Zaragoza, 78, of Morelos, Mexico

The seventh victim died at a hospital outside of Lake County.