House music lovers ring in 2021 outside SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview

Not even a pandemic is going to stop one crowd from bringing in the New Year in style.

"We are so excited! Thank God, we’re able to enjoy something . . . be outdoors, music and people," said Izabel Dymora.

More than 200 house music lovers are ringing in 2021 outside of SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview. Cars were parked six feet apart, and everyone was wearing masks and simply having a good time.

"I’m actually a homebody. I don’t go out on New Years," said Meghan Noonan.


The drive-in event hosted by legendary DJ Julian Jumpin’ Perez featured 18 of the hottest artists in house music, including Stevie B.

More than anything, the concert provided an escape for folks overwhelmed, fatigued and mentally drained from COVID-19.

"Because we can celebrate, otherwise we’d be at home, social distant, alone," said Dymora.