Hundreds march in Waukegan after police shoot and kill unarmed Black man

Members of several faith based organizations participated in a protest in Waukegan on Sunday after police shot and killed an unarmed Black man.

A Waukegan police officer shot and killed Marcellis Stinnette, 19, last week. Stinette and his girlfriend Tavara William, 20, were inside her car when it reversed toward the officer, police say. Williams was shot as well and remains in the hospital. Both were unarmed. 

On Sunday, nearly 300 people stood along Waukegan’s Martin Luther King Drive. They grieved, praised and comforted each other, while trusting in a higher power.

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“I didn’t understand everything that was going on, I wanted to understand," said Lynn West of Highland Park.

On Friday, the firing officer was terminated for quote “multiple policy and procedure violations” according to the Waukegan police department.

Local Activist Satrese Stallworth encouraged attendees not to loot and to trust the process.

Demands from local Black Lives Matter leaders include releasing the names of officers involved, a special prosecutor assigned and demanding the officer be charged and convicted. 

“A lot of families in Waukegan need reassurance that this will not knock on our door again," said Rayon Edwards of Waukegan.

Mayor Sam Cunningham also announced that police body cam video from the incident will soon be related to public. Stinnette and Williams family will get to view the footage beforehand.