Hundreds march peacefully in Chicago to express outrage over Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict

A full day after the controversial verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, anger continues to grow over his acquittal on all five counts.

On Saturday, hundreds of people marched through downtown Chicago in a noisy but peaceful demonstration against the acquittal. The march was organized by a number of social justice groups, including Black Lives Matter. 

After deliberating for four days, a Kenosha County jury on Friday acquitted Rittenhouse on all five counts, agreeing with defense attorneys who argued Rittenhouse shot three men, two of them fatally, in self-defense.

But protesters marching down Dearborn Street Saturday said the verdict opens the door to vigilante justice. 

"Putting a gun in someone’s face and then trying to grab the gun or hit it away or defend themselves is a justification for shooting them?" Said Protester Christine Reyna. "And then claiming self-defense? That really legalizes vigilanteeism."

Other protesters argued the verdict is yet another example of white privilege in the justice system. 

"My assessment watching the trial is that (Rittenhouse) had his hand held in a way that no person of color is ever afforded," said protester Bridgete Doherty Trebing. "And a judge that limited the speech, the words even that the attorneys could use."

Before the march a rally was held at Federal Plaza. The Reverend Jesse Jackson told the crowd he is calling on the US Justice Department to take a fresh look at the Rittenhouse case. 

"A federal crime has been committed. A hate crime. Department of Justice… must step in," Jackson said.

Jackson said he will be holding a rally and march in Kenosha on Sunday at 2 PM.