Hurricane Otis: Chicago Mexican consulate mobilizes aid and support for victims

With the death toll expected to rise in the state of Guerrero, Mexico following Hurricane Otis, the Mexican consulate in Chicago is helping connect relatives and drive donations to the Mexican Red Cross.

An estimated 350,000 live in Chicagoland with relatives in Guerrero; that's the largest population outside Mexico.

The city of Acapulco took the brunt of the impact, with more than half the city still without electricity and many parts in knee-deep mud. The death toll stands at 27, with hundreds still unaccounted for.

The local consulate is currently working to connect relatives with loved ones and encouraging everyone to donate to the Mexican Red Cross.

"The authorities are working in the shelters to make sure that they have the names of everybody that is seeking refuge in those areas to be able to provide that information to concerned relatives," said Reyna Torres Mendivil, consul general of Mexico in Chicago.

To donate to the Mexican Red Cross, visit And if you need assistance in reaching loved ones in Guerrero, email the Mexican Consul General in Chicago.