Former Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner condemns Trump's behavior, issues warning for 2024

Former Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner ripped into Donald Trump in this week's edition of Flannery Fired Up, calling the former president's personal behavior "atrocious" and "absolutely disqualifying."

"Put a big 'L' on his forehead. He lost," the billionaire said.

Rauner is now a big contributor to Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor challenging Trump for next year's Republican presidential nomination. Rauner has become a registered voter in the Florida Keys.

Rauner says Trump's unpopularity in Chicago doomed his own bid for re-election in 2018.

"Oh, I was toast when Trump won office," Rauner said. "As aggressive and controversial as he was, Republicans got creamed. I lost. Scott Walker lost. Matt Bevan lost. I could go down a list. And we lost a lot of positions."


Trump is currently the Republican frontrunner by a wide margin for the 2024 nomination. Rauner says that if the former president is the GOP nominee, his party will get clobbered next year in Illinois.

"There are many reasons. I personally find his behavior to be atrocious, just absolutely disqualifying. But more importantly, I think it should matter hugely to Republicans. We've gotta win. And he lost," Rauner said.

The former governor also talked about why he moved out of Illinois after losing his re-election bid.

"So many of my friends have retired to Florida. So, it's a pretty easy call. I'm also deeply, deeply concerned about the future of Illinois and how far gone — how far left and how dramatically the fiscal situation has continued to deteriorate," Rauner said.

He spoke to FOX 32 from his ranch house in Montana, where he says he sometimes sees former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. He says that when he runs into the former mayor, they both "cry" about the problems Chicago faces, especially the rising tide of violence on the street.

"And I cry. When I see him out here in Montana or various places, he cries about what's going on in Chicago," Rauner said.