Illinois State Police increase patrols amid rise in expressway shootings across Chicago

Illinois state troopers are coming from around the state to Chicago to be highly visible on area expressways to respond to and prevent shootings.

The numbers are alarming: 52 expressway shootings were reported in 2019, 128 in 2020 and 185 in 2021 so far.

Sixteen people have died this year and 85 have been wounded with a lot of the shootings going unsolved.

State patrols will increase in the Chicago area by 157 percent in the evening and overnight hours, the peak times of criminal activity. 


State police say the concentrated level of gun violence in the last two years is unprecedented. They have installed 100 new license plate reader cameras, doubling the total to 200. 

The technology will help with investigations, finding witnesses and identifying suspects. Right now, they rely on witnesses to call with information after the crime. 

State police still want the public’s help, calling on drivers to safely get a license plate number of aany vehicle involved in crime.

Increased patrols begin Friday.