Illinois woman writes book based on parents' love letters from World War II

A suburban Chicago woman made an incredible discovery after her mother passed away.

Four years ago, Kathy Kincanon Nosek opened a bag of love letters written to her mother by her father.

There were 99 love letters in total, written before and during World War II.

Nosek says it took her a month to read every single word.


"The love that my father had for my mother and just how he was able to put that down in a written word, it just touched my heart so much because my dad was a Prisoner of War in Germany," Nosek said. "And I really believe … that the war changed him because he had trouble showing his emotions. At least that's my memory of him growing up."

Nosek has turned her parent's love story into a book titled "My Darling, 99 Love Letters."

It is available now at bookstores and on Amazon.